Conformity hides itself in those most, claiming individuality.

Shame derives from believing a lie.

Shame leaves one naked and saturated with justifications and flips the soul into the very same nature of ‘The Accuser’ who invented the lie.  Political correctness and child-like, man-made words from the communist left such as racistxenophobe and homophobe derive from the shame of the name-caller himself; he perceives an inadequacy reflecting his image against the Authority of The Image of God.


Trump again, faces character assassination attempts from the fluffy nancy beta-boys over at Yale University.



A time to choose sides.

There is a Father of One Glorious Savior, truth, and strength. His adversary is a father of lies and weakness to billions of human hosts; souls who have sided with lies fall and crawl at a considerably weak  level in need of repair and will spend their lives fighting the wind to repair those they have not the strength to be likened to – those who are all in, 100%, on The Father of Creation’s side. Time to choose sides.