Where unclean spirits come from.

The Apocryphals are the missing Old Testament Books that serve as credible divinely inspired books that were removed for selfish reasons.  The Book of Enoch is one of them and details with great elaboration on the books that remained in our Bible today concerning God’s judgement on the angelic sons of disobedience.
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Tree of Life

​Short version. 

God’s Heavens are always depicted as being likened to a crystal sea.  Satanic symbols are primarily depicted to be in pyramid form.  Note that both are geometrically formed.  The Tree of Life has been discovered to be a rod extending through the earth like a tree trunk alone.  Imagine, if you will, with the descriptions below, how the heavens of darkness and of light appear on the top and on the bottom of the rod.  Please note the emphasis in bold print:

  • A pyramid is a structure whose outer surfaces are triangular and converge to a single point at the top, making the shape roughly a pyramid in the geometric sense.  A pyramid’s design, with the majority of the weight closer to the ground and with the pyramidion on top means that less material higher up on the pyramid will be PUSHING DOWN FROM ABOVE. 
  • A crystal or crystalline solid is a solid material whose constituents (such as atoms, molecules, or ions) are arranged in a highly ordered microscopic structure, forming a crystal lattice that EXTENDS IN ALL DIRECTIONS. In addition, macroscopic single crystals are usually identifiable by their geometrical shape, consisting of flat faces with specific, characteristic orientations. The scientific study of crystals and crystal formation is known as crystallography. The process of crystal formation via mechanisms of crystal growth is called crystallization or solidification.The word crystal derives from the Ancient Greek word κρύσταλλος (krustallos), meaning “rock crystal”.  He is The Rock

… do you see how Satan not only has an inverted reality because he cannot create and only distort?  Now we also see that we have access to a ‘present tense’ Rhema-read of The Word and that we all as readers have access to running parallel in that very read, to eating from the Tree of Knowledge for ALL generations, not just Eve); access to knowledge of both eternities – hell and heaven while on earth. *Note how the ‘Secret Societies’ treasure knowledge of only the dark realm.  They are limited!  Please perceive how much of an advantage we have over this adversary. It is no wonder that the Illuminati’s quote is, “In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king”. 

With God’s path, we must go into the crystal prism (revelation-Word) on our own to gain access into the unlimited geometry of The Living God’s Chambers through humility and being sacrificed. Whereas, Satan’s swamp creature human walkabouts sacrifice others to receive only the limited knowledge via Satan’s deception.  Also observe how limitation is the name of the game according to the pyramid’s (hell) geometry and that only a few exist at the top and press others down – – explaining exactly, The New World Order.  Satan and his human follows who rule  the world treasure the Baphomet god (As above so below). He is not only counterfeit, he’s far more inferior as we can see just from this short rundown. These people rule us!?  What an utter joke. 

… More to come. 

Right under our noses.


Brainwashed souls are mentally ill to lies & deceit. Please do not perceive this as a deliberate dramatic insult. It is fact.  Anyone living under a lie is mentally deranged. Know this:   There stands only 1 common link between left & right:  ISRAEL.  

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•  5-1-1776:  Bavarian Illuminati was founded.

•  7-4-1776:  America was [set in place] – [set in place]

7-4-1776 is [NOT] America’s Independence Day. Rather, it was the day the world’s biggest Ponzi Scheme was [set into motion] in plain sight.

•  (1913):  Federal Reserve founded.  •  (1913):  Permanent Federal Income Tax System became law.

Kabbalah is Satanism:

Why are the dates above significant?  Satanists;  (Kabbalah-practicing Jews), and Freemasons (Kabbalah-practicing Gentiles), own the Federal Reserve, all mega banks, the IRS, all media, Hollywood, the pharmaceutical and medical industries, and the American public educational system.  America’s federal tax system was set in place [for the same reason] only a ‘fraction of freedom’ was given to her from 1776-present. The federal tax system was set up [solely] to destabilize 3rd world countries abroad, and now it is America’s turn to be destroyed. This is a centuries-old plan.

•  There is no left and there is no right.  •  Israel is not what you think it is; it is not Jewish. • Judaism today is not true Judaism. • [True] Jews are fighting against Israel’s Zionism.  • Zionism is a Satanic world govt. movement.  • Zionism is Kabbalah (Ancient Egyptian Mysticism). • Ancient Egyptian Mysticism is [Satanism]  • Zero Scriptural references to “The Star of David”.  • America is not what you think it is.  •America [is] the “The Harlot” of “The Revelation”.

… Listen intently and continually to the voice inflections (psychological programming) used on each and every television news program and radio show to divide the left and right.  Satanists own the media to rouse the people against each other to distract them – just as their deliberate movement to hide their doings behind Rothschild’s illegitimate son,  Adolf Hitler.  There were many innocent people who joined Judaism and were killed in Germany, yes.  But, their own Jewish elitist groups exiled them from 109 locations [prior to the Jewish Holocaust].

*NOTE:   There were holocausts 3 and 4 times greater than the Jewish Holocaust and the Kabbalah-owned media pushes only [one] for the sole purpose to divide even further and to demand political correctness to deceive the world into a pro-Israel invasion and [genocide against the Palestinian people], while they stealthily use innocent Jews to set up a state for the anti-Christ (their Messiah to return).



… One in thousands of [unveiled mysteries], via The Gift of Revelation for proper Scriptural reading in The High Language of Jesus Christ;  Manna.

Why do you think Christians are MOST persecuted according to the UN’s admission?  “The Protocols of Zion” is an anti-Christ movement. Did you believe,  like all wars, disasters were to arrive overnight without decades or centuries of psychological weapon planning under your noses first?

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