Where unclean spirits come from.

The Apocryphals are the missing Old Testament Books that serve as credible divinely inspired books that were removed for selfish reasons.  The Book of Enoch is one of them and details with great elaboration on the books that remained in our Bible today concerning God’s judgement on the angelic sons of disobedience.
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Yes.  You are witnessing a change in people.  If you remain in God, you can avoid being part of the zombie apocalypse.

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Also, clean out soul wounds with anteceptic by having God pray ‘through’ you via tongues.  Praying in tongues is a very valuable gift:

Scripture explains why leftists desire centralized world communism – so, do not attempt this on your own. 

… joking.  But, Psalm 73 explains this ‘phenomenon‘ in great spiritual detail along with the podcast below.  To read Psalm 73 prior to the broadcast would benefit in understanding the overall message.  Thank you for tuning in:


To gain AUTHORITY, we pull from inside-out.  So, in a kingdom in which the current ruler of this world operates, great armies bombard from outside-in because the world’s ruler knows that if just [one] of God’s own, [acquires] Rev. 2:26, the agenda can be grossly deflected back into The ‘Living’ God’s Court.



Conformity hides itself in those most, claiming individuality. 


Shame derives from believing a lie.

Shame leaves one naked and saturated with justifications and flips the soul into the very same nature of ‘The Accuser’ who invented the lie.  Political correctness and child-like, man-made words from the communist left such as racistxenophobe and homophobe derive from the shame of the name-caller himself; he perceives an inadequacy reflecting his image against the Authority of The Image of God.
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Trump again, faces character assassination attempts from the fluffy nancy beta-boys over at Yale University.



A time to choose sides.

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There is a Father of One Glorious Savior, truth, and strength. His adversary is a father of lies and weakness to billions of human hosts; souls who have sided with lies fall and crawl at a considerably weak  level in need of repair and will spend their lives fighting the wind to repair those they have not the strength to be likened to – those who are all in, 100%, on The Father of Creation’s side. Time to choose sides.