Yes.  You are witnessing a change in people.  If you remain in God, you can avoid being part of the zombie apocalypse.


Also, clean out soul wounds with anteceptic by having God pray ‘through’ you via tongues.  Praying in tongues is a very valuable gift:


To gain AUTHORITY, we pull from inside-out.  So, in a kingdom in which the current ruler of this world operates, great armies bombard from outside-in because the world’s ruler knows that if just [one] of God’s own, [acquires] Rev. 2:26, the agenda can be grossly deflected back into The ‘Living’ God’s Court.


What time is it? 

The adversary is not only pushing innocent souls to accept demons in the guise of alien greys from  planets (of which they are exactly); cleverly and substantially diabolical!  Of course people will be deceived.  The adversary is also incrementally introducing the idea that Jesus is simply an extension of similar pagan stories very well known and documented throughout history in the ancient world when souls worshipped the serpent.  No.  They are combining not only the lie of Catholicism’s (early Paganism, Egyptian Mysticism & Kabbalah Judaism) practices with Christianity, but they are also dismissing that those who practiced Paganism and Babylonian Judaism in Jesus’ day, also crucified Jesus with signs and symbols of Satanism hemmed into Jesus’ timeline. Do you see how the lie is so closely knitted into the truth?

Deception does not only mix truth and falsehoods, it works incrementally so that generations will not notice the wind change directions and by the time the last new generation is born entirely saturated in the lie, we have to pull them out. 

But!  Have we considered the difference between members of a saturated generation vs. Christians possessing the yeast of the Pharisees?  Yeast is almost impossible to remove from bread. Many would agree that the Christian message can be more easily managed with those entirely saturated in the adversary’s introduction deception over those puffed up from Satan’s yeast. 

Religion (yeast), within the sects of so-called Christianity are also part of the wide-scale deception hard at work. What a complete and utter turn off the religious Christian is – – just as much as a turn off as the misaligned Christian who lives as a social leftist.  If it were not for the yeast on the right and divided houses on the left within the spiritual faith of Christianity, would I be writing this in the first place? No.  People would be firmly founded in The Word God sent in flesh and we would not be having this conversation.  

God’s Solution:  Utterly conquer the 1st Commandment through, in and by The Keys Written, while studying the enemy just as much. 

God = Jesus = Rhema-Word. Know The Word like the back of your hand.  The deception is gaining momentum – much more momentum.  Be vigilant. 

Satan is creating God… what an idiot. 

Let us be honest – He is God and therefore caused events to engage Eve in swallowing the red pill for the purpose of trying and testing humanity into His inner Sanctuary because He is a God of Justice.  Otherwise, would it not be likened to awarding trophies to the losers as well as the winners; those who justify The Word away like chaff in the wind versus those who are able to rise to the occasion and BECOME Him through reflection on His Word and thusly transformation as He promised?  
Ah!  The beauty of transformation and justice.  Considering, let’s take a look into a podcast on how God is allowing His adversary to make an ass of himself again by creating his own demise:

It is time for aligned Christians to place the adversary in the cross hairs. 


It is time for aligned Christians to prevail over Christianity; Christians who own The Word’s Keys that are imprinted on their hearts, the Anointing, and the perspective (great faith) of holding their Authority over the earth. It is now a time for those who are  misaligned in understanding to take a seat and shut their mouths; those who justify partaking in the great lies of the underworld, hand-in-hand with their father of deception – turning them into embarrassing, repetitious prayer-pleading-parrots in spineless flesh-suits in place of armoured representatives.  It is time for God’s aligned Covenant partners who have earned God’s ear through right standing and trust. 
This video information’s rabbit goes far deeper than any of God’s sons and daughters can imagine.  The only way to fight this is to not continue praying in supplication.  

  • God instructs us to [not] engage in repetitive prayer.  
  • God instructs us to pray with the anointing over the situation. 
  • God instructs us to verbally speak our prayers aloud. 
  • God instructs us to speak The Word over the situation. 
  • God instructs us to speak in tongues so that our spirits may prayer for what our minds do not know.  
  • God instructs us to obtain the Gift of Tongues so that He is able to speak through us. 
  • God already knows everything and what we will pray before we pray it; proving even more that He returned to man, Authority via faith.  Proving that the ball is in our Kingly Courts and He is merely waiting for us to become masterfully skilled at hitting the ball with the utmost accuracy. This takes years.  If you are not prepared, prepare at once.  If you are not in alignment while fraudulently stealing the claim of Christian alignment with The Word, take a seat – the world and God has had it’s fill of you.  Be gone. 

We must pray in alignment with the precision accuracy of David – verbally/audibly, to/at the heavenly realm in which the war is being fought as it is written.  God instructs us to pray in The Name of Jesus.  Therefore, instead of saying, “in The Name of Jesus”, we must know that standing in His Character Image ‘is’ His Name.  We must therefore act and speak as the ambassadors of The Creator’s Spiritual Law of The Word of God over the situation according to Ephesians.  

Proof that Jesus is ALIVE. 

Video below. 

God SAID let there be light

  1. Truly, anything you SAY will be given onto you. 
  2. Whatever you SAY it will come to a full end. 
  3. SPEAK with the rod of your mouths and breath of your lips. 
  4. Confess with your lips. 

… all of these verses and more, confirm symmetric geometry.  Symmetric geometry is reflection of an opposite…

Listen to entire YouTube video on symmetric geometry and ‘sound’ (Word of God said aloud over our circumstances, with faith is how to pray, God instructs).   Otherwise, no words, no sound… no change of form in the electromagnetic frequencies of our neurological systems and endocrine systems – systematically stolen, killed and destroyed by the adversary just as Jesus claims. 

Life changing Video:

Sound geometrically ‘forms’ reality.  Words are sound-frequencies of in’form’ation for either con’form’ity or trans’form’ation. 

The world is unlimited just as God is.  Human beings have the ability to tap into many worlds of  consciousness with the “Helper” (Holy Spirit). 
The conspiracy in a nutshell, is that the adversary isolates us into the 5 senses, programs all 5, et voila!  We are slaves to psychopathic and demonically possessed social engineers who create our perspectives and thusly our reality of death of which we mistakenly perceive as life. 
So, God has had His Creation plagiarized by the adversary of death to weave lies and deceit into an inverted reality by interfering with our capacity to become the resurrected story of Jesus. God’s Word, Jesus Christ, was sent in flesh to win us back the ability to access Authority over the slave-grid in that His Word is alive and revelation-Word (perspective), causes us to rise into higher dimensions of consciousness to meet Him in The High Place where our potential for a ‘resurrected state’ can knock God’s adversary (misery & suffering) on his ass. 
Jesus purchased us and He has returned to us, our Authority over all levels of understanding by making His Word come alive in our own spirit-form potential/reality of which He built the entire Christian faith on; “seeing the unseen”.  Not through meditation in spirit alone, but through reflection, meditation and verbally speaking [The Geometry of sound creates physical realities] His verses in faith over our current flesh-realities, will we be able to overthrow what has been overtaken. 
He sent The Word Who came in flesh
 –  Please study Sacred Geometry.