Nope.  Israel is not what you think it is.



Where unclean spirits come from.

The Apocryphals are the missing Old Testament Books that serve as credible divinely inspired books that were removed for selfish reasons.  The Book of Enoch is one of them and details with great elaboration on the books that remained in our Bible today concerning God’s judgement on the angelic sons of disobedience.

Overcoming globalism’s slave-grid. 

Overturn the Overtaken

Isaiah 5:13 AMPC:  Therefore My people go into captivity to their enemies because they have no knowledge of God. And their honorable men their glory are famished, and their common people are parched with thirst. 

Righteousness is nothing but perspective (Great faith aligned):  PODCAST to break this down more before the rest of written blog:

Until we perfect full transformation via Scriptural revelations regarding both, the depths of good and evil, we will remain in the rat maze of enslavement to the Hidden Hand.  So, when we witness parroting milk-level messages within Christianity, please be mindful that this does not resemble the journey in Christ Jesus that is vital to the deliverance in returning to who we were before being formed in our mother’s womb where His Approval gains us access out of earth’s captivity intentionally set up around us, keeping us from this very understanding in Jer 1:5.

Who works as “Hidden Hand” collaborators for Satan?   They derive from the ancient Babylonian Merovingian Bloodline.  One of the greatest deceptions is that history is always past tense.  No.  It simply reinvents itself to continue in stealing our heavenly sovereign birthrights because Satan never ends his quest against stealing our royal birthright out of his bondage.  The earth may have been created by The Living God, but has been set up by His adversary in every, single, solitary facet of our lives directed from the UN, most politicians and bureaus, all transnational corporations, all mega banking systems, all entertainment, all military branches, and even down to the local schools and secret societies within local judicial branches.  Even cultural deception celebrations as popular as physical birthdays are, in Scriptual fact, 1 of 2 death days.  Perhaps our birthdays should be more properly aligned with the day we were born again in Jesus Christ. This bloodline began in ancient times and never ended and only shifted from overt operations to subtle, incremental, covert operations against God’s peoples’ ability to gain Authority into God’s Perspective (the very definition of the word, repent). 

Babylonian Bloodlines are physical bloodlines merged with spiritual dark entities having influence over man’s perspective and run perpendicular to the Royal Spiritual Bloodline of light that only the Christian body is able to discover alignment with through The Creator’s Word; The Author of Life – The Lord and Savior of the world, Jesus Christ – The Son of The Real Living God, Who lives and reigns inside of the aligned Christian as One Holy Spirit. 

The Word of God is more accurately depicted as Rhema-Word, which simply means an imparted gift for High Language Spiritual Word to be caught by our spirit-man’s understanding and for The Fisherman of all fishermen’s Net to catch us; made available to those He says who He ‘chooses’ to have understand The Mysteries of Scripture revealed.  !!Herein lays the reason why and the precision whereabouts of Satan’s attacks through diversions; to keep us from having The Mysteries of Scripture revealed in the High Language so that Authority via perception (intercontinental ballistic missile accuracy-faith) will not be accessed to defeat him. Because, once the accuracy in spiritual alignment with God’s perspective is attained, we can say anything and it will be done.  Obviously, this is not an easy task and enters into territory far more difficult than living by laws of religion. Therefore, the dumbed-down version of reaching God is introduced and maintained by His adversary in using religions steeped in law and Candyland teachings to foster lukewarm Christianity in which a house divided prevails, consuming all those with little understanding.  *To have this confirmed within the depths of your hearts, please read Romans 3:31 through all of Romans 4 very slowly and over & over. 

The personal spiritual process timeline should continue into full transformation that produces worthiness of earning/meriting ‘favor’ blessings in the Eye of God – – far surpassing what is witnessed in most earth experiences today as ‘mercy’ blessings (unmerited blessings). Therefore, the greatest lie that the enemy pursues is that there is an end to ‘our side’ of The Covenant.  A covenant is dual in nature. You see, Jesus said in response to questions regarding service to God, to “just believe”.  To “believe” in High Language Rhema-Word, requires seeking ‘experientially’ and ‘experimentally’ within the unlimited confines of Rhema-Word, and with all of our hearts while being fire-tested (crucified) in a very long journey.

×× NOTE:  The good news is that a ‘deliverance’ (resurrection) from all earth tests and bondage is attainable despite what others say and serve examples to.  Be aware that most everyone else around us dwells in an extremely ignorant sense of reality created by Satan himself and they readily accept the pain and suffering in tests as just a given fact of life long human experiences. This frame of mind is easy to succumb to after continuously witnessing the clash between The Word’s promises and the high failure rate amongst His people. With understanding and without diluted messages from spiritual leaders, passing tests and becoming manna-teachers of men through experience should be the norm. Unfortunately, most people are left behind in a flesh state of mind (defeated), instead of being resurrected in spirit (victorious) over their earthly tests.  Please understand that “The Revelation” is The Revelation of all revelations mentioned in the New Testament (all having to do with the perceptual changes that occur within the Rhema-Word catch).  

The Revelation is not an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ one-time event. Instead, it is a personal quest and victory. It is when Jesus hands authority over to the victorious man.  This is far and few between.  And, the victory is so massive and unusual that the heavens are depicted in it’s very verses.  Most people therefore fall into the trap of believing the lie of waiting for an eternal life while also accepting the suffering test.  Or, they perceive their worldy success as God’s version of success after trivial trials in which God never called them into in the first place.  It is easier this way.  I write this last part for the sake of those suffering – especially longsuffering. You see, our measuring rod into our predestined callings will always match the degree of our adversity.  Therefore, never compare yourself to the pawns who may judge you along the way while you are being called to win the game in checkmating the world’s opponent because it is in this very high resurrected spiritual state of victory that allowed Elijah and John to experience their Authority over evil and even raise the rest of the world’s breath. It truly is a Jesus Story within all of us waiting to be revealed (The Revelation). 
Adversity will always act as the ignition switch and the fire to pass the tests into the refining it takes to become a priceless, unshakable, living, walking testimonial that proves The Testaments.  Therefore, if we welcome adversity by understanding it’s very nature, we will be much more likely to pass all tests with patient endurance. 

Access into The Abrahamic Covenant promises – that being [graduated from] mercy blessings in the fallen world controlled by Babylonian bloodlines and [Resurrected into] the favor in which the Covenant offers access to The Keys, directs our sovereign steps into an Ambassadorship, immune from the Babylonian rat maze of a world disguised as freedom inside of a false virtual reality. 

The Christian resurrection requires being removed completely from the world’s inverted rendition of God’s Word, Jesus. Completely!  Being caught and lifted up by The Fisherman’s net in the Rhema-Word process is impossible without the human spirit merging in unison with The Spirit of The Living God’s Rhema-Word Keys. Therefore, we can conclude that the victorious end to this process is rendered null and void for any other religion’s followers and that we are all most certainly not worshipping the same Living God as the New Age of religion claims. 
If the process of full transformation can be met in The High Place by the soul, a ‘favor blessing’ imparted then allows for The Super to meet the natural in verbal prayers (the Sword of Jesus), over the same heavenly sphere in which the Babylonian bloodline humans are extracting their information from, using Satan and demon gods.  Do you understand?  At this point, the words confessed with our lips in this newly acquired  state of perceptual dwelling (Great Faith), then becomes His very Own Double-edged Sword of which Jesus speaks of. And, “I in You, You in Me”, then becomes our new reality in the war which is in reality, fought in the heavens for the soul to be [Elijah-gated] from the bondage of earth while on the earth. What an outstanding quest for the human being! 

xx NOTE: The Scripture below what ‘righteousness’ means, in actuality, to “inherit” the earth:

The Babylonian bloodline of ancient days bred hybrids when the fallen angels “came into the women” (spiritual intercourse/possession, just as The Holy Spirit enters the born again Christian). Scientists describe DNA to look like and to literally be the ‘antenna coil’ in the blood for the perception frequency band that we live in (that being the visible light world of only 0.005% of all realms). 

Catch this:

Isaiah 5:8 AMPC:  Woe to those who join house to house and join field to field until there is no place for others and you are made to dwell alone in the midst of the land!
Now, if a soul can keep himself within the same original Babylonian blood lineage via interbreeding or even lowering his DNA blood frequency range to the lowest base level of the originally fallen angels through sacrifices and rituals to Satan, he or she may then have access to the realms in which darkness dwells to be able to exchange electromagnetic energy fields and find knowledge that will benefit the human ability to destroy other human lives while also benefitting the demonic entities desiring to enter him or her. Sacrifices, rituals signs and symbols are the conduits for such events to unravel. The Merovingian bloodlines (13th Illuminati Satanic), has been discovered in almost all Presidents of the United States, including George Washington. 1776 was an overt-to-covert Merovingian spoof to circumvent ongoing worldwide revolutions against it’s own tyranny under the guise of a revolution for freedom by the people from tyranny.  Outrageously, diabolically dubious!  But, this is Satan. 

NOTE:  Satanism was practiced overtly in ancient times. It was rebelled against. Consequently, it continued, but covertly – – hence, the terms, “secret societies”, the “hidden hand”, the “shadow world government”, the “deep state”, and “illuminati”.  Here, the spiritual bystander (sleepwalkers) to Rhema-Word will by held captive (Isa 5:13).

Keep in mind, not all of the Babylonian blood lines belong to Kabbalah Jews as we hear. But, the Babylonian bloodline either descended directly from Babylonian Jews and others. Or, many who practiced ancient Kabbalah Judaism have attained enough of a vibrational bloodline pull towards Leviathan worship.  “New Age” today (Luciferianism/Satanism given via knowledge from demon gods), is the Diet Coke of occultic practice. All of the top leading Rabbi’s admit to worshipping “The Leviathan” (the seven-headed serpent). 
According to the Jewish Talmud (admittedly written by Jewish Learned Elders of Zion and not God), in which most ordinary Jews read from today, the non-Jew is considered, “cattle”, and on earth to “serve the Jew”.  NOTE:  They are allowed to have people killed, but only as long as they do not kill directly (hence, the Islamist ‘patsy’ being used to destroy Christians). This explains why both U.S. political parties agree on only one topic:  Israel. Israel is not what you think it is.
Americans are indeed ‘serving’, ignorantly, Kabbalah Jews and Babylonian non-Jews who own all:   The Federal Reserve, mega banks, mega corporations, the entertainment business, Hollywood, the porn industry, all media outlets and the public educational system. Any non-Jew serving into the implementation of “The Protocols of Zion” (written to create all destabilization on earth to usher in ‘their’ Messiah, the Christian anti-Christ), have pledged to Lucifer with blood sacrifices (mostly through the rape & murder of children), to join.  Freemasons are Christians who complete 33° levels of Babylonian Kabbalah Judaism.  At the 33° level, worship of the “Leviathan” is introduced.  The American forefathers were all Freemasons and sent as a diversion from overt European/Babylonian Colonization over the world, into a covert and incremental takeover in 1776 under the guise of freedom.  The Federal Reserve (private held Jewish bankers), arrived in 1913 along with the IRS only months later. The birth certificate was then introduced in 1933; the literal stealing of our Godly birthright into deep state bondage in plain sight. 

Birth Certificate Video:

Be rest assured that Israel is being set up for The Christians’ Real Living God (joke/sarcasm).  The fact is, right under our noses, we are being deceived into supporting Israel when the Temple, Jerusalem and Israel are nothing more than an invasion and mass genocide on Palestinian lives for the sole purpose of completing the Luciferian agenda under the guise of Judaism while the drama of stories and violins playing to pull on heartstrings concerning 6 million Jewish people [killed by Jewish elites] – (Hitler being one of their illegitimate children), to ‘save face’ after being exiled from 109 areas prior to WWII because of the same corrupt takeovers and overt Satanism from the upper class Jews (who all escaped the holocaust while innocent Jews died). Why do we never hear, repeatedly, like the Jewish holocaust, about the 21 and 22 million souls lost to 2 other holocausts? You see, they must keep you within the [deception matrix], using emotions and political correctness with leftist communist terms ending in ‘phobia’. 

Why bring all of this to your attention over a video attached concerning the reality of birth certificates?   Simple. Christians! Open your concordances and reflect very well on Christ Jesus’ promises regarding:  Slaves, prisoners, captives, &  bondage. 

Allow these verses sink into the depths of your hearts. Reflect on your personal lives and be entirely honest about how aligned you are with God to overcome this beast set up against us.  This part is vital because God often claims in [both] Testaments that He turns His Back on those who are lukewarm and/or turn their backs on His Word by justifying their end of the Covenant in creating false imaginings due to lack of Scriptural understanding in spirit because their flesh does not understand the depths of the spirit message. Laws are only set to act as a barometer and not for chastisement.  The barometer is simply used to align our thinking with His for Great Faith to eventually manifest. If unsure of any verse, ask in prayer always to have what you disagree with in His Word, revealed in present tense to take you deeper in understanding any given topic.  
Once aligned, it is ‘only then’, that God inclines His ear to hear us.  Do you understand?  Otherwise, we return to meaningless, repetitive supplications like that of other faiths.  Instead, the Christian [should be able], when under a ‘favor’ blessing, to verbally express a deliverance from bondage into the ears of the heavenly realm of darkness and light, in Great Faith, the verses from the concordance words above, and from all of The Book of Spiritual Law (The Word), before The Highest Court in alignment with The Judge, while under an anointing that destroys yokes and lifts burdens according to Isaiah.  

It is time to know the enemy in intricate detail and aim our verbal prayers with a David-like precision.  God’s people will remain in the rat maze for generations to come contemplating, “why”, if we do not take Scriptural instructions seriously (our end of the Covenant), and accept that God returned to MAN, the Authority over this beastly hierarchy of globalistic communism. 

To gain AUTHORITY, we pull from inside-out.  So, in a kingdom in which the current ruler of this world operates, great armies bombard from outside-in because the world’s ruler knows that if just [one] of God’s own, [acquires] Rev. 2:26, the agenda can be grossly deflected back into The ‘Living’ God’s Court.


What time is it? 

The adversary is not only pushing innocent souls to accept demons in the guise of alien greys from  planets (of which they are exactly); cleverly and substantially diabolical!  Of course people will be deceived.  The adversary is also incrementally introducing the idea that Jesus is simply an extension of similar pagan stories very well known and documented throughout history in the ancient world when souls worshipped the serpent.  No.  They are combining not only the lie of Catholicism’s (early Paganism, Egyptian Mysticism & Kabbalah Judaism) practices with Christianity, but they are also dismissing that those who practiced Paganism and Babylonian Judaism in Jesus’ day, also crucified Jesus with signs and symbols of Satanism hemmed into Jesus’ timeline. Do you see how the lie is so closely knitted into the truth?

Deception does not only mix truth and falsehoods, it works incrementally so that generations will not notice the wind change directions and by the time the last new generation is born entirely saturated in the lie, we have to pull them out. 

But!  Have we considered the difference between members of a saturated generation vs. Christians possessing the yeast of the Pharisees?  Yeast is almost impossible to remove from bread. Many would agree that the Christian message can be more easily managed with those entirely saturated in the adversary’s introduction deception over those puffed up from Satan’s yeast. 

Religion (yeast), within the sects of so-called Christianity are also part of the wide-scale deception hard at work. What a complete and utter turn off the religious Christian is – – just as much as a turn off as the misaligned Christian who lives as a social leftist.  If it were not for the yeast on the right and divided houses on the left within the spiritual faith of Christianity, would I be writing this in the first place? No.  People would be firmly founded in The Word God sent in flesh and we would not be having this conversation.  

God’s Solution:  Utterly conquer the 1st Commandment through, in and by The Keys Written, while studying the enemy just as much. 

God = Jesus = Rhema-Word. Know The Word like the back of your hand.  The deception is gaining momentum – much more momentum.  Be vigilant. 

Globalists are obsessed with Saturn.  The planets are the wandering, doomed stars God speaks of.  THEY ARE NOT PLANETS and NASA and the military are nothing but SECRET SOCIETIES communicating with the principalities, powers and rulers in the heavenlies. 

Globalists are just that… Globalists.  The earth is not a globe. Here is why they are globalists:

  1. The hexagon is at the northern most point of Saturn.  Squash a hexagon, it becomes a cube. 
  2. Judaism tells us that their “Star of David” is not Scriptural. And, their symbol is the hexagon.  Israel is not what you think it is. 
  3. Islam prays to a black cube. 

Jesus burst open the prison walls of the cube, lending it to The Cross. 

Humans live on a frequency of harmony when in The Image of God.  But all planets (fallen angels), are arranged to influence frequency to a lower vibration (explaining why only 5% of our DNA is available – they are consistently manipulationg our blood DNA/The Image of God through frequency waves and chemicals) – Satan loves to distort Christ’s Image. Saturn’s rings and inner hexagon give off an unimaginable sound within space (the dark abyss). Saturn represents Satan. Saturn IS Satan, although he is free to roam the earth with the help of daft human walkabouts bringing Him about. 

The 7 planets are firey, wandering, living stars residing within in a deep and dark abyss and stand as locations in which doom is met.  Scientists and NASA are literally communing with hell. NASA like all secret societies, have been lying to you all of your life.  The earth is not a globe like the wandering fallen entities – we do not live in a black abyss like them and we are not one in many planets, nor was there a big bang and earth was just one resultant globe along with the rest. Satan wants us to believe this to in order to take God’s Creation and distort it’s truth with His dwelling place.  The earth is flat with a sun, a moon and stars according to God’s Word. The 7 wandering stars are fallen angels and have names.  Lucifer has been deceiving since the ancients and providing knowledge without wisdom.  
We, as Christians can be assured that we have the competitive advantage in having wisdom and knowledge.  But, we must incline our ears to this hidden knowledge and understand why all mega corporations, mega banks, nations and even major political city layouts are symbols and signs connecting with the planets and their Chief Prince, Kings, rulers and watchers; Saturn in particular.   

Christianity is neither a hexagon nor a cube. We are meant to be free!  But, we must know the enemy around us to activate our faith in the proper direction and proportions to influence God’s Ears and Eyes enough to be walking mouthpeices for Him.  Our perception is everything in the activation of faith (the sum total of Christianity) during our verbal prayers into the heavenly realms. This earth experience is not about waiting around for eternity in heaven, but how to unlock the prison walls (iron cube), with The Keys from Jesus; The Word.  It is that simple. 

God bless you all. 

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Proof that Jesus is ALIVE. 

Video below. 

God SAID let there be light

  1. Truly, anything you SAY will be given onto you. 
  2. Whatever you SAY it will come to a full end. 
  3. SPEAK with the rod of your mouths and breath of your lips. 
  4. Confess with your lips. 

… all of these verses and more, confirm symmetric geometry.  Symmetric geometry is reflection of an opposite…

Listen to entire YouTube video on symmetric geometry and ‘sound’ (Word of God said aloud over our circumstances, with faith is how to pray, God instructs).   Otherwise, no words, no sound… no change of form in the electromagnetic frequencies of our neurological systems and endocrine systems – systematically stolen, killed and destroyed by the adversary just as Jesus claims. 

Life changing Video: