Why suffering continues.

We must dig and pioneer until our spirits in Jesus surpass our thoughts about our own suffering.  More simply put, when Jesus says to wait, He is instructing us to wait until we reach levels of faith of which may only be reached [by and for] the sake of passing the tests necessary to become testimonials, proving The Testaments as teachers as an end result.  If we can make it through Luciferian programming called, “school”, for 12-16 years, surely we can be educated by He Who we claim to be our Savior.  To do this, we must not visit, but dwell in spirit continually with His Spirit, (not being sidetracked with polluted voices and writers), so that great faith may be reached and commanded over any and all circumstances. If we suffer in flesh and/or emotionally/financially, we find ourselves in repetitive prayer that exhausts us and could even most likely allow us to quit after becoming bitter.  He answers those who lose themselves completely to become He Who rests in us desiring us to rest in Him.

How do we do this?  If we do not understand His Verses, we must discover the meaning though Greek & Hebrew.  We must nestle under the anointed mantle of an anointed son of God who is able to prove The Testaments for at least 3 years. And, we must obtain our own anointing to heal ourselves.  If our situation is delivered through someone else’s anointing during the journey, it will prove to be only temporary until the strongman leaves, until we gain our own Authority Anointing, and until we lose our flesh entirely.  Celebrate the adversity that brings you to such places and understand that the greater the adversity, the greater the reward.  And, that reward becomes a double-portion anointing that will eventually heal others by a quickened tongue. His tongue (understanding).  The recipe to delivering others is the gift of faith that you can offer.  And, that gift of faith comes by hearing The Word of God in spirit, not flesh.  Allow for yourselves to pass tests for others to hear through you one day after capturing the double-portion anointing to teach.  Until then, repeated prayer and no results will surface from praying in flesh.  

Wait. Dig. Pioneer. Study. Listen to great ministers. Dwell in, and do not habitually visit the spirit-realm.  DWELL. Dwelling in Him is that ‘Certain Place’ in which there is not world pollution of voices differing from His Words.

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Nope.  Israel is not what you think it is.

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Where unclean spirits come from.

The Apocryphals are the missing Old Testament Books that serve as credible divinely inspired books that were removed for selfish reasons.  The Book of Enoch is one of them and details with great elaboration on the books that remained in our Bible today concerning God’s judgement on the angelic sons of disobedience.
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Yes.  You are witnessing a change in people.  If you remain in God, you can avoid being part of the zombie apocalypse.

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Also, clean out soul wounds with anteceptic by having God pray ‘through’ you via tongues.  Praying in tongues is a very valuable gift:

Mind controlling the masses to accept hijacked U.S. government’s future assassination attempt on Donald J. Trump.

June 2017.

Virtually all world governing positions and royal families are related to the bloodlines of the ancients. Many have admitted to making a “Luciferian Pledge” as a commitment requirement before entering the highest levels at the United Nations. The United Nations is ‘central command base’ for social and economic methods of world control to form a Centralized World Government equated to a world Communistic Dictatorship; NAZISM (German for National Socialism or Communism). Military white papers and hundreds of books written by corrupt elite political and economic strategists have revealed the agenda for World Nazism. World Communism has long been played out and witnessed to date through The Trilateral Commission that condenses all nations into 3 unions and eventually 1. The Protocols of The Elders of Zion has already caused mass genocide on the Palestinian people and created a non-Semitic State of Israel straw-man for non-Semitic, Ashkenazim by the Satanist family, Rothschilds out of the United Kingdom via the Balfour Declaration. The Sept.9, 2000’s “Project for The New American Century (PNAC)” set key people into The Pentagon under George W. Bush. This project includes a series of documents written to create “theater wars” to ignite regime changes in the middle east, shifting from less moderate Dictatorships into extreme Dictatorships under Sharia Law of Islam using terrorism and arms trade deals. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John McCain and Skull & Bone’s very own John Kerry, were responsible for sending arms to Islamic terrorists in 3rd world countries along with nuclear weapons to North Korea. 

American military branches (ISIS in Jesus-suits),were sent into Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan, Libya and Syria to destabilize these countries under PNAC and into Cloward-Piven’s Immigration Policies in which immigrants from 3rd world countries would enter Western nations for the sole purpose of weakening Western countries using economic collapse while supporting immigrant invasions in which 85% of incompatible militarily-aged men with stone-aged philosophies and recent association with radical Islamic regimes would enter without proper vetting and disappear everyday into Europe, Canada, Australia and the United States. President Donald J. Trump is attempting to end the invasion [against millions of U.S. Citizens mind controlled by a corrupt CIA-run mainstream media and likened to trained circus monkeys to stand as brown shirts for the very same Nazism that they associate Donald Trump and his supporters with].  HEREIN lays the mental illness from mind control using the mainstream media and Hollywood celebrities described below. 

Human flesh lives within a tiny visible light realm consisting of only 0.01% of reality’s multiple-realm world. Therefore, understand that Skull & Bones, The CIA, Freemasons, The Vatican, Bilderberg, The Bavarian Illuminati, The Rosicrucians, The Elders of Zion, The Knights Templar, and hundreds more of what inevitably enter local governing establishments are known as “Secret Societies”. These societies deeply treasure ‘secret’ ancient knowledge passed down through generational bloodlines given to them by the fallen angels. History repeats itself only because it never ends. Ancient mythology is not in fact, myth. Rather, Ancient mythology explains why all of the earth’s major leading cities have been designed and saturated not only with Egyptian and Illuminati signs and symbolism, but their street layouts have been strategically designed using geometric patterns that work in conjunction with a vibration and gravitational pull in and out of other realms. Clear evidence of this is seen in crop circles, pyramids and hundreds of statues and monuments such as the Georgia Guidestones with a New World Order agenda engraved into it’s stones. 

Dr. Josef Mengele of NAZI Germany’s [Project Bluebird], was adopted by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) after World War 2; a [Skull & Bones], Satanic Secret Society.  Under Project Bluebird, Dr. Mengele split the core of the human brain by subjecting his human ‘specimens’ to so much psychological trauma, that the child would dissociate and form multiple personalities from multiple traumas. Today, many global elite families practice this wretchedness on their own children and handlers on celebrities, and replace the personality with demonic entities admitted by many popular entertainers. 

The “Fallen sons/ Watchers/ Knowledge Givers”, are extremely powerful entities that fell to earth just prior to man’s fall. Therefore, deception and distortions along with human worship of The Serpent and the rest of the entities, made themselves into gods over The God of The Most High’s people.  The True Living God had to flood the earth to rid these vermin entities that had bred with God’s people. Modern day Satanists are the elitist families, politicians, celebrities and others who keep their bloodlines in a vibration sync with the base level spiritual entities that can only distort, confuse, oppress, depress and frighten.  They cannot create.  Therefore, they are able to only distort and accuse creation socially, economically and spiritually. God’s people live in bondage to these anti-Christ entities who have plugged themselves into reality and creation for the sole purpose of distracting and oppressing the natural order. Many ignorant people blame The Real Living God and His people for the havoc on the earth, but one must understand that His people were made in The Living God’s Image and what is seen are only distortions. It is clearly depicted in Scripture that earth stands as a test within a testing fire. There is a way out! They are called The Keys To The Kingdom of Heaven in which are spiritual verses [caught in the Heavens by our spirit-man while in the Scriptural-read] after The Spirit of the Living God imparts His Revelation into The Scriptural Mysteries in which started Satan on a jealous rampage in the first place. 

You see, all of the Secret Societies that hoard ancient knowledge (which is deceptively irrelevant information incidentally), are on a full life mission to enter the chambers of [Lordship over the world]. Nothing could be more comical considering that The Holy of Holies exists within just that; The Holy of Holies of The Real Living God of The MOST High, and not Lucifer; the fallen Drag Queen. I mean, Dragon. This is why we must understand that it is not an anti-white agenda as much as it is an attack on Christianity that the UN boldly admits by sharing stats on the most persecuted people around the world. 

Although the Christian no longer lives by the law like other religions due to The Living God’s Spirit guiding the consciousness, most Christians are fallible as man naturally is. Consequently, most Christians do not live by Spirit and therefore distort, on their own, the Message of Christianity and create a barrier for others to freely receive The New Covenant. Why do you think Jesus often told people to keep their mouths shut after healing them?  Jesus knew that His Own people would pervert The Anointing. 

The few ruling families of the world and their minions who work in collusion with Satan continually rouse, distract and confuse the common man with psychological weapons via news media, educational institutions, courts of law, and the entertainment industry. It is the stubborn and lazy man who shuts his eyes and can be seen performing as a human steam whistle at protests against Donald J. Trump, his supporters, and nationalism. Trump is well aware of all of the above written and not part of the ancient bloodline selected into 43 prior U.S. Presidential positions. In addition, within only 4 months of Trump’s presidency, he has been responsible for busting multiple pedophile rings with over 2000 arrests unreported by the ‘Child Trafficking Mainstream Media’ owners around the world. Pedophilia is the cornerstone of Satanism and runs deeper within political arenas than one can imagine. 

Mainstream Media works with the CIA in creating zombification and assassination through mantras on innocent minds. The world is a stage. The world was originally set up as a stage to dehumanize and deharmonize. The world is controlled by entities who detest Jesus Christ. If the Christian could realize his potential in this game of life, he would beat the odds within weeks or even days when The Revelation of entering the Inner Sanctuary is met and stands as the adversary’s greatest fear. It is then that mere words of great faith meet The Creator’s Breath and harmony begins to surface. The answer is a Savior but The Covenant must be met in faith for humanity.

Again, admittedly running America’s Mainstream media outlets are CIA trauma-based mind control programs.  In particular, [MK-Ultra] (German for Mind Control), under the branch, [Project Monarch].  In this, many Hollywood entertainers are now mind-controlled slaves to Disassociative Identity Disorder (DID), and answer unknowingly to Luciferian-pledged subzero human walkabouts (handlers). Handlers place these frontmen on our media screens and trigger words and hypnosis are used to control hundreds of singers, actors and even national news anchors. Therefore, the impossible odds that most people at this point have imagined regarding the vast number of Hollywood and News Media personalities with so-called, “liberal views”, is in actuality, the result of induced multiple personalities created through trauma based mind control/fragmenting the core of the human brain, either as very young entertainers or willing adults.  Therefore, it can be assessed that Satanism and Communism hides within the guise of liberalism. But, liberal constituents and those with liberal views that are in agreement with the Satanic deep state can legitimately know that they stand on the Scriptural definition of a “crooked path”. How much more evidence is needed to prove this point?

Wait! This is compounded.  The DID-alters per individual are then globally idolized by millions of the liberals and even to a certain degree, conservatives. Therefore, the people become sheep by ultimately becoming mind controlled themselves by the very same mind controlled media personalities under Project Monarch’s Mind Control – taking on a mass movement for a global acquiescence to world-wide human slavery likened to the Chinese and North Korean models. Duplicity! These very same people then accuse innocent fellow humans of being Communist, racist, fascist, homophobic, xenophobic, white supremacists and even NAZI’s. The bifurcated tongue of duplicity then can be said to reach within the depths of billions of human souls without their knowledge. If you do not believe social engineers at the tip of the hierarchy structure’s world slave-grid are manipulating fools into the desensitization to an assassination attempt on Donald J. Trump by use of celebrities and media, you may need to read this again.

Scripture explains why leftists desire centralized world communism – so, do not attempt this on your own. 

… joking.  But, Psalm 73 explains this ‘phenomenon‘ in great spiritual detail along with the podcast below.  To read Psalm 73 prior to the broadcast would benefit in understanding the overall message.  Thank you for tuning in: