Where unclean spirits come from.

The Apocryphals are the missing Old Testament Books that serve as credible divinely inspired books that were removed for selfish reasons.  The Book of Enoch is one of them and details with great elaboration on the books that remained in our Bible today concerning God’s judgement on the angelic sons of disobedience.
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Yes.  You are witnessing a change in people.  If you remain in God, you can avoid being part of the zombie apocalypse.

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Also, clean out soul wounds with anteceptic by having God pray ‘through’ you via tongues.  Praying in tongues is a very valuable gift:

Christians:  You are being called into ‘greatness’ upon the earth.

John 1:16 AMPC

For out of His fullness we have all received one grace after another and even FAVOR upon FAVOR and gift upon gift.

Grace vs. FAVOR is the like the difference between being offered a rusted, 1987 Yugo GV vs. a 2017 Hummer that is ‘Mad Max-equipped’.  God gives ownership of the symbolic Hummer to those who find their way into understanding all verses in their spiritual entirety to replace fleshly understanding and thusly, justification; allowing for the walk into The Sanctuary of The Most High’s Perspective.  Because, at that point in the journey, the soul can be trusted. God can [trust the soul] enough to “send them out”, “elect” them, “choose” them to be a spokesperson against the adversary in flesh while merged in spirit with God to such an extent that he becomes God’s Ambassador, (Ephesians).

The Hummer is symbolic of a physical, soulish, financial and spiritual FAVOR blessing bestowed on his very own Image within the human who has [earned] his way through rough adversity/crucifixion in which he has [resurrected in spirit enough] to ‘become’ The Mouth of God on earth.  This is a very difficult task!  This transpormation processs is more difficult than adhering to any holy law.  But, “The greater the adversity, the greater the reward” becomes the justified reality. Because, once the tests of being ‘called’ have been completed, all the while with REFLECTION – THROUGH, IN and BY The Word of God (Jesus), to transform the soul into being ‘chosen’, not only can nothing stop that soul, but that particular soul is able to defeat God’s adversary for millions or even billions of people upon the earth.
“Many are called, few are chosen”:  Know that this earth test is meant to be a never-ending journey into FAVOR for very good reason.  

!Note:  The modern day church has convinced us that ‘grace’ is sufficient enough and that eternal heaven after being planted under the ground is the reward.  Nothing could be more distanced from the Truth!  This lie is hemmed into Christian souls all over the world for the sole purpose of keeping human potential in Christ Jesus away from kicking the ruler of this world’s ass into the ground. Never be complacent!

Bantering Leftists &, Right-wingers –  YOU ARE ALL DROWNING TOGETHER – all premeditated, socially engineered and enslaved by LITERAL, high level, committed Satanists at the UN, EU, Military, Banking and World Leader positions who hold true to one intent:  To use you as dead branches.  DO NOT PARTICIPATE in slave vs. slave / prisoner vs. prisoner. 

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… you are all drowing together without understanding.  A step towards the way out of the energy extraction grid in which you are being used like batteries is to fumble through the distractions from the oddities in the 1st. 2 min. of this podcast and undertake the rest of the 43 min. for a detailed, focused, informative and instructive finger point in the proper direction of breaking the bread to reassemble broken glass-reflections in overcoming our ‘mass-movement, cultural conformity-addictions‘ to those things that profit us not.  I love you all.  You are my allies in humanity and I would die for you – please understand that is why there are rants in my podcasts against those who are in the father of this world yet claim righteousness. 

To gain AUTHORITY, we pull from inside-out.  So, in a kingdom in which the current ruler of this world operates, great armies bombard from outside-in because the world’s ruler knows that if just [one] of God’s own, [acquires] Rev. 2:26, the agenda can be grossly deflected back into The ‘Living’ God’s Court.



What time is it? 

The adversary is not only pushing innocent souls to accept demons in the guise of alien greys from  planets (of which they are exactly); cleverly and substantially diabolical!  Of course people will be deceived.  The adversary is also incrementally introducing the idea that Jesus is simply an extension of similar pagan stories very well known and documented throughout history in the ancient world when souls worshipped the serpent.  No.  They are combining not only the lie of Catholicism’s (early Paganism, Egyptian Mysticism & Kabbalah Judaism) practices with Christianity, but they are also dismissing that those who practiced Paganism and Babylonian Judaism in Jesus’ day, also crucified Jesus with signs and symbols of Satanism hemmed into Jesus’ timeline. Do you see how the lie is so closely knitted into the truth?

Deception does not only mix truth and falsehoods, it works incrementally so that generations will not notice the wind change directions and by the time the last new generation is born entirely saturated in the lie, we have to pull them out. 

But!  Have we considered the difference between members of a saturated generation vs. Christians possessing the yeast of the Pharisees?  Yeast is almost impossible to remove from bread. Many would agree that the Christian message can be more easily managed with those entirely saturated in the adversary’s introduction deception over those puffed up from Satan’s yeast. 

Religion (yeast), within the sects of so-called Christianity are also part of the wide-scale deception hard at work. What a complete and utter turn off the religious Christian is – – just as much as a turn off as the misaligned Christian who lives as a social leftist.  If it were not for the yeast on the right and divided houses on the left within the spiritual faith of Christianity, would I be writing this in the first place? No.  People would be firmly founded in The Word God sent in flesh and we would not be having this conversation.  

God’s Solution:  Utterly conquer the 1st Commandment through, in and by The Keys Written, while studying the enemy just as much. 

God = Jesus = Rhema-Word. Know The Word like the back of your hand.  The deception is gaining momentum – much more momentum.  Be vigilant.