The meaning of life is not open to interpretation or imagination.  To gain our authority over Satan is the final destination and our end of The Covenant is to resurrect in spirit enough to become God (Authority) in representative-form, on earth, for all He desires to transpire. 


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Satan is creating God… what an idiot. 

Let us be honest – He is God and therefore caused events to engage Eve in swallowing the red pill for the purpose of trying and testing humanity into His inner Sanctuary because He is a God of Justice.  Otherwise, would it not be likened to awarding trophies to the losers as well as the winners; those who justify The Word away like chaff in the wind versus those who are able to rise to the occasion and BECOME Him through reflection on His Word and thusly transformation as He promised?  
Ah!  The beauty of transformation and justice.  Considering, let’s take a look into a podcast on how God is allowing His adversary to make an ass of himself again by creating his own demise: